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Meet the Team

at mss, we are proud to say we are almost entirely scribe ran. our management team understand the pre-health experience and utilize this to best serve our providers.

Our Scribes.

Our scribes are the heart of MSS. They are the one's on the ground and building strong bonds with the healthcare providers we serve. We are so proud of everything they have already done and will continue to accomplish. Their success is our success. 

Our Alumni.

MSS has only been around for 5 years, but we have a strong network of previous medical scribes that are achieving their dreams of becoming physicians, PAs, NPs, etc. 

"Not only did I have
opportunity to work
with several incredible
healthcare providers, but
scribing has prepared me
for PA school in a way that
no other experience has.
I could not recommend it
more for those pursuing

Evan Matheson, PA-S '24

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