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What is a Medical Scribe? 

A medical scribe is an individual, typically a pre-health student, who accompanies a medical health provider into patient visits with the primary goal of aiding in accurate documentation and administrate tasks on the electronic medical record (EMR) system.

They will record information about the patient's medical history, symptoms, and treatment plan. This allows the physician or advanced practice practitioner to focus on the patient and provide better care. 


What makes our MSS scribes stand out:

At MSS, we feel confident in our ability to select potential scribes that our providers and we as a company can rely on. 

Medical Team

Passion for Healthcare

We believe that passion is key to being a successful scribe. While there may be other part-time jobs with similar hourly rates, scribing offers a unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the healthcare field. We are dedicated to training individuals who possess a genuine desire to learn and grow, regardless of their background or experience. With our training and guidance, we'll help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to thrive as a scribe.

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Professionalism & Dependability

We emphasize punctuality and professionalism. We expect our scribes to arrive at least ten minutes early, dressed in clean scrubs and ready for every shift.


With our focus on dependability and effective time management, we ensure that our scribes are well-prepared for the demanding healthcare environment.

Health Technician at Work

Be a Team Player

We prioritize teamwork and collaboration amongst our scribes and healthcare providers. We expect our scribes to support one another and work together to provide the best possible service to our providers. This includes effective communication, constructive feedback, and a willingness to assist one another in covering shifts. By fostering a positive and supportive work environment, our scribes can contribute to a culture of excellence and make a meaningful impact in the healthcare field.

Numbers we are proud of:

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