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MSS takes an unparalleled approach to our employees. We don't just understand scribing is not your lifetime goal, but we will help you as much as possible to get to that next step, no matter what it may be.  

Our stats:


medical school applicants accepted


PA school
applicants accepted


unique programs across the nation that have accepted our scribes

Your GPA matters to us

We know your GPA matters, and we've got your back. Let us help you achieve your goals without sacrificing your grades.



At MSS, we make suggestions to develop your resume beyond scribing with opportunities like volunteering, campus organizations, and other growth-driven activities to help you reach your professional goals.



We take a personalized approach to your medical or PA school application, tailoring it to showcase your unique qualities. Our aim is for admission committees to recognize your individuality as an applicant and appreciate your distinct attributes.



We work with our applicants through mock interviews for medical or PA schools, in both MMI and traditional formats. Our scribes are always ready. 

these stats are no joke.

don't believe us? we will show you. However, these stats are only representative of those who utilized our advising. our advising is only an added benefit of working for mss, and not a requirement. Don't feel comfortable with us in your grill? you are more than welcome to opt out.

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