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Making Life Easier for Healthcare Providers

We are looking to help improve health care by relieving today's health care providers of a majority of their clerical duties and allowing them to focus more of their time on their patients. The results are conclusive. Our providers see more patients with less of a workload.

 1. Higher Income

 2. More Free Time

 3. Happier Patients

Providing You With the Best Scribes For the Best Care


We Recruit and Hire the Best Candidates

We put a great emphasis on creating key relationships within the University of Toledo, Bowling Green State University, and Lourdes University to continuously find smart, reliable people with a passion for health care. Medical scribes are a high turnover position. We strive to limit that turnover as much as possible. But when hiring students, you can only limit it so much. Add to that, the potential growth of the company, in line with the projected growth of scribes nationwide, we have a program in place that addresses that main concern with scribes.


We Focus on Reliability and Rapport

From putting a second set of eyes on notes to making sure you’re paired with the best scribe to fit your personality and needs, we examine every angle. We customize our program for your specific office and practice. Our system allows for healthcare providers and their staff to build rapport and chemistry with your scribe to help ensure efficient results. Our scribes work for you and we work with you to find solutions.


Innovative Training Program Sets Us Apart

Our expectations are high and we do not feel comfortable assigning a scribe to a physician’s office until we believe those expectations are met. Our training program is extensive and expansive, with our scribes training for 60+ hours before they start. Our scribes are trained to become HIPAA compliant, learn professionalism in healthcare offices, medical terminology, and experience an innovative training process to master EHRs. We make sure they understand how important compliance is and how important the accuracy of your charts are to you, the practice, and your patients. 


We Offer Unparalleled Value

In the most conservative estimates, 2 added patients per day would pay for the full eight-hour shift of one of our medical scribes. On average, we're opening up 90 minutes in an 8-hour shift to see additional patients. For a fully trained and well-managed medical scribe? Our cost can't be beat. 

Best of all, you get to close your charts before you even leave your office. Giving you the opportunity to spend your time doing what you enjoy!

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